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They Drifted Slowly to Eternity

The series of woodcuts They Drifted Slowly to Eternity appropriates contemporary and historical images, acknowledging the cyclical nature of migration throughout history. These prints reference the political history of woodcut and employ metal powders to instigate natural processes of oxidation, allowing print to become ephemeral and time-based, rather than a static process. 

The imagery that has been left to drift on the internet is re-worked through a number of processes including digital manipulation, drawing, projection and tracing - finally being printed via woodcut onto Hypalon. The processes engage with time and act as an antithesis to the speed at which imagery is digested within contemporary media

IMPACT Printmaking Journal

They Drifted Slowly to Eternity, Metal powders on Hypalon, cardboard

Installation shots from Hostile Environment, ASC Gallery 2019

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