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Oran O'Reilly was born in Stockport in 1975, he graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2001 and currently lives in London. He has taught at numerous institutions and is currently Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University.

His work has explored various subjects including the transitory nature of media imagery (Drifters), the associated values and belief systems entwined within objects (Synthetic Grammar) and the playful morphing of cultural symbols into new forms and icons (Depositions). His practice embraces various media including drawing, printmaking, digital print and adhesive vinyl. Recently he has been exploring the use of metal powders in combination with hand drawn woodcut prints.


Recent exhibitions include Hostile Environment, ASC Gallery London, Haugesund International Print Festival, Haugesund Billedgalleri, Norway, The Dispersed Gallery Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Neo Print Prize Gallery 27 Bolton, Impressit:The Art of Printmaking, Harris Museum Preston, International Print Triennial Bunkier Stuzki Gallery Krakow,  His work has also been exhibited in Oldenburg, Vienna, New York and SanFranciso.

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